Wednesday, June 01, 2016

New Skin Care from Pacifica

Pacifica has released some new skin care lately including a micellar cleansing water and stress recovery lotion for irritated skin!

Take a look below!

Pacifica Quinoa Sensitive Super Gentle Face Wash - $10

This face wash proves that clean skin one of your best defenses against aging. Calming herbal extracts help balance and support while you gently remove make-up, pollution and the day's toxins for refreshed skin at any age. Make your skin ready for the bevy of great ingredients you are about to use. All skin types especially sensitive.

Pacifica Rice Bright Skin Illuminizing Cleansing Paste - $14

Pacifica's innovative version of an ancient cleansing paste is a simple way to experience the gentle yet extraordinary benefits of rice, beloved for its brightening and cleansing properties. To intensify the benefits, we have added rice extract and natural lemongrass powder, known as an effective skin toner, that can help diminish the appearance of pores. Use and fall in love with the appearance of brighter, glowing skin.

Pacifica Cactus Water Micellar Cleansing Tonic - $12

Pacifica's Cactus Water Micellar Cleansing Tonic is a makeup artists dream product that you won't want to live without, either. This powerful yet gentle, this innovative tonic water captures and lifts away dirt, oil, impurities and makeup without harsh rubbing or even rinsing. Infused with catus and floral waters to leave skin clean and refreshed without overdrying. Cactus water, full of skin-loving beneficials, has a history as a skin toner, hydrator and antiaging combatant. All skin types.

Pacifica Cactus & Kale Oil-Free Stress Recovery Lotion - $18

This face lotion breathes vitality back into dehydrated, tired and stressed skin. Factors such as acne, sun, polluted environments and daily emotional stress tend to aggravate and make skin appear dull and can even make it more sensitive. Utilizing oleosome technology and infused with vitamin rich cactus water, kale extracts, aloe vera and calming calendula, this formula is designed to bring the look of youth back to your face. Good for all skin types, even acne prone.

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